Making a Bold Statement

Ideas For Using Stamped Concrete In Your Patio

Concrete is a durable and low-maintenance material for your patio. However, stamped and stained concrete can be a beautiful addition to your patio design as well. Plan your patio décor, and find out how to add decorative concrete to enhance your design.

Mediterranean Patio

A patio inspired by the Mediterranean can make you feel transported to an Italian countryside. To achieve this look, start with concrete stamped in a Sorrento pattern cobblestone, which is a regular pattern. Have the concrete stained a vintage umber or terra cotta color, as these are warming Mediterranean colors.

For the décor, include a fountain or statue reminiscent of the ancient empire, and add bountiful Mediterranean plants. Tables topped with mosaic tile are an attractive option for your furniture.

Grand Terrace

If you have the space, transforming your patio into a grand terrace is a valuable addition to your home. The concrete should be stamped into large flagstones – you might even consider concrete pavers. Ask contractors to color the concrete in a pattern of blues and grays reminiscent of natural stone. Plan for steps that lead up to this attractive terrace.

Furnishings should be modern. Place an outdoor kitchen or a drinks station in one corner. Dot the terrace with chairs and accent tables to encourage lounging. A manicured garden is an ideal complement to this design.

Southwestern Patio

If you have a mission or adobe style home, a southwestern patio is a cohesive fit. In this case, start with concrete stamped with a fractured earth pattern for a more rustic feel. If you're looking for a finished look, try a flagstone pattern. Either way, select a warm color that complements your home's façade.

For décor, get colorful with painted tile and ceramics. Add cactus and succulent plants to enhance the ambience. Keep furnishings low and comfortable.

Cool Serenity

Your patio may become the place where you escape from the world.  If that's the plan, start with concrete stamped with an Ashlar stone pattern. According to the Concrete Network, the pattern replicates the look of split natural stone. Opt for a cool color along the grays or even off-white spectrum.

The key to this patio is adding a water feature. The sound of a fountain, pool or waterfall helps eliminate outside distractions. Likewise, include tall plants around the perimeter to make the space feel secluded. For furniture, select comfortable, casual pieces arranged to encourage lounging around and enjoying the serenity of your outdoor space.

Turn your patio into a conduit for your outdoor living style.  Attractive yet durable stamped and stained concrete is the ideal material for the foundation of your patio. Contact a company like Shears Concrete for more information.