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3 Methods Of Fixing Sunken Concrete Around Your Home

Concrete is durable and affordable but that doesn't mean its foolproof. Time, improper techniques and weather can all cause situations where the concrete in one area isn't level. There are ways to fix uneven concrete but the exact method depends on where the concrete is located in or around your home.

Uneven Interior Floor

If you have an uneven cement floor in one of the rooms inside of your home, you will likely want to use a self-leveling compound to help even things up. But make sure first that the unevenness isn't the sign of any architectural failure such as a shifting foundation. You will want to fix the cause first if the cause can be found.

Remove all belongings and fixtures from the floor of the room. Clean the floor well with a concrete cleaner then use  a floor sander with fine grit paper to lightly scuff up the floor to make the compound adhere better.

Follow the package directions on the compound. Once the floor is even and dry, you can then apply a concrete stain or use the concrete as the backing for another type of flooring.

Uneven Walkway

If you have a concrete walkway through your yard, one section might sink down due to erosion of the dirt. Walkways that contain several sections of unconnected concrete block are easiest to fix. Simply use a pry bar or two and a few friends to get up the section of concrete that sunk.

You can use a combination of gravel and dirt to fill in the section of dirt that's lower than the neighboring walkway pieces. Then you can simply sit the block back on top of the newly raised ground.

If your walkway is all one piece, then you will want to use the same strategy as for a sunken driveway.

Uneven Driveway

Driveway sections can sink due to a combination of erosion and pressure from vehicular traffic. You will want to call in some professionals for proper concrete lifting for this project.

The procedure is called mudjacking or slabjacking and involves spraying an expandable foam underneath the sunken section of concrete. This foam will only fill the areas that are empty at the level it was sprayed; meaning, it won't get under the higher parts of your driveway and lift them, too. Expansion of the foam offers enough counter-pressure to push the sunken area of concrete level with the rest of the driveway. 

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