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Foundation Cracking? 4 Things You Should Understand about Repairing It

Having a crack in your home's foundation is a problem you do not want to ignore due to how it can affect your home's structural integrity. Cracks can provide a way for water can seep inside your home's basement, and this can become a huge issue if you ever decide to sell your home. A crack can be relatively minor and require a simple fix, or it might need extensive repairs to prevent damage from getting worse over time. Here are some basic things you should know about the damage.

Signs You Have a Foundation Problem

You will most likely notice a foundation problem because of a visible crack. It can be in one of the basement walls or in the slab along the floor. Cracks start by being barely noticeable, but may eventually grow and form a large gap.

Damage has reached a critical point when one of your basement walls begins to slowly bow.  Your window frames and door jams could also shift, which will cause difficulties when closing or opening them.

Why Foundation Problems Happen

It may seem like something is wrong with how your home was constructed, but the typical reason for a foundation problem is the soil surrounding your home. Water will cause the soil to shift and expand. When the soil becomes dry it will then contract. The movement of the soil will gradually damage your home's foundation, especially if there are frequent climate changes between periods of rain and drought.

When You Need a Foundation Inspection

You should never assume that a crack is purely cosmetic and that it does not put your foundation's stability in danger. Contact a local foundation repair company that can give you a professional opinion on the damage. If the damage is bad, they will be able to assess the structural stability of your house and let you know if it is safe.

Part of repairing a foundation crack is making sure it doesn't happen again. An inspection will also involve looking at the soil around your home and determining the reason that the soil shifted in the first place. Without solving the cause, the damage will eventually return.

How a Foundation Can Be Repaired

Small cracks are simple to fill with epoxy to prevent the crack from spreading. Bowing walls will require anchoring the wall to an interior beam that is stable. Sunken foundations can be fixed by pumping cement under the foundation to stabilize it. Drains might need to be installed around your house to prevent water from soaking the soil, and waterproof membranes can be installed around the foundation's exterior walls.

There's a solution to all kind of foundation problems. Work with a concrete contractor to ensure that your foundation's specific issue is fixed for good.