Making a Bold Statement

Creative Ideas For An Attractive Concrete Driveway

Once upon a time, when you chose concrete for your driveway, you ended up with a simple slab. While this is still possible, concrete is such a customizable material that you can design a very attractive driveway. Contractors can stamp, stain and dye concrete, cover it in an overlay, add borders or even install pavers. Choose a creative concrete driveway that adds curb appeal to your home.

Geometric Driveway

If you have a long driveway, consider transforming it with geometric appeal. Contractors can start with a simple slab in a concrete color that complements your house's façade. They then stamp two different patterns into the slab – one of square pavers and one of bricks in circles. The circles are located in the middle leading to the house. They finish by staining the circles and a border a darker color. This type of driveway is appropriate for contemporary or modern style homes.

Stacked Squares

Perhaps giant circles in your driveway won't complement your house. In that case, you can still utilize geometry in your design but keep it a touch simpler. Start with the same colored slab, but envision borders that transform your driveway into stacked squares. The squares can still be stamped as pavers or left smooth while the borders should be engraved or stamped to resemble bricks. This style of driveway looks attractive for any home type.

Concrete Overlay

Another option for beautifying a slab-style driveway is with a concrete overlay. The application process involves layers that range from thick to thin, depending on the desired result. The overlay itself mixes polymer resins with sand, cement and additives. This can even be applied to an existing concrete driveway to remodel a stained surface. The result often features a low sheen. You can utilize this process to make your driveway appear made out of granite or tile. A concrete overlay works well if your house is traditional or historic.

Inlaid Pavers

Concrete doesn't have to come in a single slab. Contractors can install concrete pavers in brick-work patterns. As the Concrete Network points out, the benefits of having pavers installed include a more natural color variegation and ease in repairing the driveway. If you have a traditional or historic home, consider brick-colored pavers, either red or gray. To keep the pattern minimal, choose a simple pattern such as stacked or running bond. Alternatively, let the variegation shine through with herringbone or Flemish bond brick-work.

Enjoy the durability of concrete while utilizing its customization options to create a beautiful driveway for your home. For more information, contact companies like Island Ready-Mix Concrete.