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Only Need A Crane For Two Hours Or Less? Solutions That Help

The most difficult part about moving a really heavy object is only having to move it once. If you are in a position where you have to move something heavy from a truck to its installation point, or from the installation point to a truck, it seems rather pointless to buy a crane. This is especially true if you have absolutely no other reason to own a crane or use a crane again for a very long time. Here are some solutions for your specific situation.

Borrowing a Crane

Borrowing a crane means that you usually do not have to pay for it. However, unless you are a licensed operator of heavy equipment, you should probably hire a crane operator too. While you may be able to borrow a crane for free, giving the operator and/or the owner a little something in return is advisable. Of course, this option only works if your brother-in-law owns a construction business or your best friend happens to own a crane.

Crane Rentals

This is probably the most feasible solution. You pay to rent a crane for a block of time. Rent it for two, three, or eight hours. Then return the crane. A driver/operator usually comes with the rental price. Make sure the rental company and the driver/operator of said crane know exactly what you need to move before you sign the rental agreement.

There is just one more thing you need to consider. The driver/operator of the crane does not come with extra workers. Whatever heavy object you need to be lifted into place is going to require some extra bodies and hands to do it. Since you cannot rent workers on the side with the crane rentals, hire a contractor and his/her crew for a few hours to help. Considering the weight of the object you want to be moved and the short time it will take, it is worth a couple hundred dollars to hire help.

Consult a Concrete Sub-Contractor

Out of all the contractors that are most likely to have a crane for hire, a concrete contractor or sub-contractor will have one. These are the contractors that have the heaviest things to lift and position, from concrete slabs to steel pylons several stories high. A sub-contractor will charge less than a contractor, and the subcontractor is more willing to work just the few hours you will need him/her for. It is more probable that you can get a sub-contractor on short notice too.