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Tips And Considerations When You Need To Have Concrete Cut

There can be many changes that you need to make to a building that might require concrete to be cut. When you are planning to undertake a concrete cutting project, there are some considerations and steps that can dramatically reduce the difficulty and complexity involved with cutting through concrete.

Have The Exact Dimensions That You Are Needing

The first and most important step in any concrete cutting project will be to make sure that you are able to provide the contractor with the exact size of the hole that is needing to be cut in the concrete. Individuals that are needing the hole cut to install pipes or other important infrastructure may want to have the hole cut slightly larger than needed. This will ensure the item can fit through it, and any gaps can be secured with a filler material.

Consider Using Wet Concrete Cutting For Your Project

One of the biggest logistical challenges that arise with concrete cutting is that it can generate very large amounts of dust. This dust can irritate the lungs and sinuses. Furthermore, it can easily spread, which can make it extremely difficult to clean. One method for combating this is to utilize wet concrete cutting. In addition to allowing for an extremely accurate cut, the water will also dramatically reduce the amount of dust that spreads from this work. Wet concrete cutting has limitations on the thickness of the concrete that it can cut, which may make it wise to have the concrete evaluated by a professional before you decide on the type of cutting that will be done.

Determine Whether You Need To Dispose Of The Concrete Debris

Depending on the amount of concrete that you will need to be cut and removed, it may be difficult to transport the debris to the landfill due to its weight and size. These problems are particularly noticeable for those that lack access to a powerful truck. Many concrete cutting services can arrange for any trash or debris that is created by this work to be transported away from the site. Some services will include this in their base price for cutting the concrete while others may require an additional fee. If you attempt to haul the concrete in an effort to save these fees, you should be mindful that disposing of concrete at a landfill can also involve high fees as these services calculate the cost of accepting material based on its weight.

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