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The Benefits of Mudjacking a Sunken Concrete Surface

Mudjacking is a technique that is used to raise sunken concrete surfaces, such as patios and driveways. However, this is not the only technique that can be used to raise sunken concrete. If you have a surface that is uneven due to settling or sinking, you may wonder what the benefits are to choosing mudjacking over other techniques. Here are three of the benefits associated with mudjacking a concrete surface to raise and level it. 

Mudjacking Is Affordable

One of the biggest benefits associated with mudjacking a sunken concrete surface is that mudjacking is one of the most inexpensive ways to raise a concrete surface. Other methods include creating piers under the concrete surface or using foam to raise the concrete surface. Both of these methods are more time-consuming and labor intensive, which in turn makes them more expensive. If you are not looking to spend a ton of money to fix your concrete surface, mudjacking may be the best option. 

Mudjacking Creates a Stable Foundation

When mudjacking is done, small holes are drilled into your concrete surface. Sand, concrete, soil, and other aggregates are mixed together and then poured into the hole. As the mixture hardens, it creates a foundation under the sunken concrete, helping to lift it upward. The benefit to this is that not only does it lift the concrete now, but it helps prevent it from sinking in the future, as the foundation underneath your concrete surface is now hard and stable. If you want to fix the problem and not have it recur, mudjacking is the way to go. 

Mudjacking Can Be Done in Any Weather

The final benefit associated with mudjacking is that this technique can be done in any weather. Other concrete raising techniques may have to be put on hold if it is raining or freezing outside. This technique can be done in all conditions, including heat, rain, snow, or freezing temperatures, helping to ensure your project will be completed on the day you have scheduled it to be done. 

If you have a concrete surface, such as a driveway or patio, that has begun to sink as the ground or soil below it has shifted or eroded, mudjacking may be right for you. Mudjacking is an affordable way to create a stable foundation underneath a concrete surface that helps to raise the surface back to its original level and prevent it from sinking again in the future. Contact a concrete contractor today to learn more about mudjacking and whether it will work for your concrete surface.