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A Look At The Reasons For Concrete Slab Sawing In Residential Settings

Even though most people assume that a slab sawing service is something valuable only to construction company owners, these service providers can be just as valuable to residential property owners. In fact, there are a number of projects that you may choose to tackle as a homeowner that may require a contractor with the skills to cut through a solid concrete slab. Take a look at some of the reasons you may need the help of a professional concrete slab contractor as a residential property owner. 

To create an opening in concrete for a new stairway installation 

When installing a stairway that may lead to something like a basement, a solid concrete foundation will have to be sawed through in order to create an opening. This tedious process requires a skilled contractor who is familiar with making such an opening in a concrete slab without compromising the stability of the rest of the platform. Using diamond-blade saws, the cuts can be absolute and precise, which means the end result is a reliable, structurally sound opening. 

To install joints in a slab to prevent stress cracks

One of the biggest reasons homeowners will call on a concrete slab sawing service is to get help with a solid-slab foundation. Even though it is a little-known fact, one of the biggest reasons a concrete foundation will crack is because there are not slim joints that are deliberately placed to allow for minimal shifts. By using the slab saw, a contractor will make precise cuts in the solid slab to accommodate a small amount of ground shift. This alone can help prevent the slab from cracking over the years and still keep the home's foundation as stable as possible. 

To install a trench in an existing driveway

Flowing water can be one of the number-one enemies of a piece of solid pavement. If water is allowed to flow across a sloped piece of pavement, taking the same route, over the years, it can wear away tunnels in the pavement and compromise its appearance. Creating small trenches in the pavement with a concrete slab saw gives flowing water a natural place to go so it does not cause problems on the surface of the pavement. A slab sawing service will take a look at your driveway, the water issues that may be present, and then make calculated cuts to create narrow trenches for water flow. 

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