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Managing Soil Loss With Erosion Control Netting

Minimizing the effects of erosion on your property is an important step for maintaining your property and protecting it when you are having major work done. If you are to effectively manage the erosion on your property, it is important to know the basics when it comes to erosion control netting as this is one of the more common strategies that people use.

How Is Erosion Control Netting Installed?

The process of installing erosion control netting is fairly simple and straightforward. This allows for it to be rapidly deployed when it is needed. In many cases, this netting will simply be rolled onto the area that needs to be protected so the netting fully covers the area. To keep the erosion netting from shifting positions, it will be anchored into position with a series of carefully placed spikes. These spikes hold the netting to the ground so that it is able to effectively hold the soil in place. In addition to placing these anchors at the corners of the erosion netting, they will also be placed along its perimeter. This will stop the middle of the erosion netting from shifting positions and exposing the soil underneath.

Will Erosion Control Netting Be A Viable Long-Term Solution?

While erosion control netting can be an extremely popular option for individuals that need to minimize the amount of soil that is washing away from their property, it should be noted that this may not be a viable long-term strategy. Rather, it is usually better suited for instances where individuals need to have excavation work done as this can leave the soil unprotected. If you need a better long-term solution for your erosion issues, there are other solutions that you may want to try. This could involve soil grouting, retaining walls, or other upgrades.

Is Erosion Control Netting Extremely Noticeable?

If you want to minimize the aesthetic impacts of the erosion netting that you are installing, it is possible to choose netting that is green or brown. This will allow for it to more closely match the ground, which can make it far more discrete for people that are looking at the property from a distance. While this may seem like a silly concern, there are some homeowner's associations that may require individuals to use erosion netting that resembles the color of the ground as closely as possible.

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