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Three Times You Can Use Concrete Cutting Services

Concrete cutting is an important part of the concrete installation and maintenance process. It's generally performed with a saw lined with diamond, for precise cuts. You can use concrete cutting services when you need a core removed to install pipes or wiring, when you need concrete removed as part of a regular construction project, or when you need to repair or install a sidewalk.

Core Drilling

One of the most common reasons a concrete cutting service is called upon is to remove a core or section of a concrete wall, floor, or even road so that pipes can be installed. Jackhammers can be used to break up and remove the existing concrete, but this method is less precise. Cutters can direct their gas or electric-powered saw to make a perfect cylinder or round hole, in which pipes or electrical lines can then be placed. Afterward, more concrete can be added. If you need wires or plumbing installed within your property inside concrete, then call a concrete cutting service before you begin.

Concrete Removal

Another benefit of concrete cutting services is that they can assist with concrete removal while limiting the need for jackhammers. Jackhammers can also break up and remove concrete in an area, but they are difficult to use and less predictable than a saw. This difficulty makes concrete removal take longer, increasing the risk of long-term health problems such as hand-arm vibration syndrome. The faster and more precise the concrete removal is, the better it is for everyone involved. As such, if you need part of a concrete wall or floor or even driveway or sidewalk removed, call a concrete cutting service.

Sidewalk Repair And Installation

Finally, concrete cutters are necessary if you need to install or repair a sidewalk. When concrete is added to an area to make a sidewalk, lines must be cut into the concrete to allow it to expand during the winter. These grooves prevent cracks from forming, as there's more room for the concrete to expand. Additionally, if your sidewalk needs repaired or reinstalled, then more cuts will need to be made where the previously damaged ones had once been. This should be done by professionals with the experience to handle a concrete drill. If you need your sidewalk repaired or a new one installed, call someone who can cut it to size.

Concrete cutting services are great for anyone installing piping or electrical lines in concrete, those needing concrete to be removed, and those needing sidewalk repair or installation. If any of these apply to you, call a concrete cutting service today.