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Signs Your Concrete Parking Lot Needs To Be Replaced

If your concrete parking lot is showing signs of wear and age, hire a concrete contractor to inspect it and recommend the best way to rejuvenate your lot. It might be possible to make surface repairs on small cracks, but if your lot has many problems, it might need to be torn out and replaced. Here are some signs it could be time to get a new concrete parking lot installed.

When The Soil Washes Out From Under The Lot

Problems with the soil underneath the concrete can be serious and lead to the need to replace your parking lot. If soil is washed out, the concrete sinks. This leads to puddles on the parking lot and cracks in the concrete. Your concrete contractor may recommend removing all of the old concrete so the soil can be replaced and compacted and then have new concrete added to the surface.

When There Are Many Potholes Present

If your lot only has a few potholes, the concrete contractor might be able to fill them in and repair your parking lot. If there are many potholes or big potholes, the concrete contractor might recommend tearing out all the old concrete and put in a new lot. Another option might be to remove the section of the parking lot with all of the holes and put new concrete in the area while leaving the undamaged section of the parking lot in place.

When There Is Extensive Cracking

Cracks in concrete can often be filled in to keep the rain out. If this is a possible solution for your parking lot, you might avoid having to replace all of the concrete. Sometimes, cracking is too extensive for repairs. This might be true for deep or uneven cracks. When there is extensive cracking or cracking accompanied by sunken areas, the concrete contractor might suggest tearing out the old parking lot to replace it.

When The Edges Crack Off

When your parking lot is old, the edges of the concrete may start to crack off, especially if there are no curbs to keep people from driving along the edge of the lot. Your concrete contractor might remove the old concrete and put down a form for filling the parking lot with new concrete while maintaining a crisp edge.

A concrete parking lot can last for decades, but the sun, rain, and age eventually take their toll. A contractor might put off the need for replacement as long as possible by making surface repairs, but when the concrete has significant damage, replacing the parking lot may be the best way to make the lot attractive and functional again.