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Concrete Walkway Maintenance

If you own a business that has concrete walkways around your establishment, you will want to go out of your way to keep them maintained. Routine maintenance will keep your walkways looking sharp and safe for your customers to walk upon. Here are some guidelines you can follow in keeping your concrete walkways up to code.

Regular Cleanings

Take the time to clean your walkways weekly to help them look their best. If debris isn't moved from concrete, over time it can stain the coloring or become embedded in any cracks, making your walkway look less than pleasing. Use a sweep broom to move off any dirt and grime. Wash the surface of your walkways with a pressure washer to get out any pieces of dirt that are stuck inside grooves.

If the concrete appears exceptionally dirty with stained areas of oil or grease, use a commercial grade cleanser on the surface before power washing. The chemicals will penetrate through the affected area, removing it when it is rinsed.

Adding A Sealant

Sealing concrete will keep it looking clean and new. Before applying a sealant, be sure to remove any surfaces stains so the sealant will adhere to the concrete and so you aren't sealing in discolored areas. A sealant should be applied with a roller or a sprayer.

Apply it to your walkway on a day that is warm without any chance of precipitation. Place signs on the walkway advising people not to walk on it after it has been sealed. Foot traffic should be kept off of the area for at least three days after sealant application.

Cutting Concrete

If you want to make your concrete appear textured, consider hiring a concrete cutting service to place grooves throughout the surface of your walkway. This will make your walkway appear nicer and is safer for people walking upon the area. The grooves will give people traction when walking, making it a much safer surface than a smooth walkway.

The procedure is done with the use of a special tool that has a grinding blade located on it to tear away pieces of the existing concrete. The edge of the blade has diamonds embedding into it to etch the grooves into the concrete surface. It can be done in a variety of patterns to give the walkway a nice finish. This procedure will make your concrete easier to walk upon as moisture will not cause the surface to become slick.