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Concrete Resurfacing Gives Your Old Patio A New Look

If you're embarrassed about the look of your old patio because it is stained and has imperfections on the concrete, look into having the patio resurfaced. Concrete resurfacing is much less expensive and a lot less work than tearing out the old patio and putting in a new one.

There are a few options in concrete resurfacing products, so talk to a concrete contractor about them and get help deciding which product would be a good choice for your patio. Here is how concrete resurfacing is done.

When Resurfacing Concrete Is Possible

Resurfacing can only be done if your old patio is still in good structural shape. If the slab has a big crack or it has heaved, then the concrete contractor will probably tell you the slab has to be replaced. Resurfacing gives your patio a new look, and it can fill in small imperfections, but it can't repair big cracks.

What Resurfacing Entails

Concrete resurfacing can be done with different products made to cover concrete. There are products for indoor concrete and exterior concrete. Your contractor might pour a couple of inches of new concrete on your patio to create a new surface. This is often done if you want to stamp designs in the concrete.

Other options include using a concrete resurfacing product that mixes like bags of ready mix. The cement resurfacing product makes your patio a light gray color, so if you want a different color, let the contractor know and they can add the color you want to the mix.

Another option to consider, although it's not common for patios, is an epoxy coating that coats the concrete and adds color or flecks to it. This type of concrete resurfacing is popular for garages or indoor flooring.

How To Get Started With Resurfacing Your Patio

Once you've talked to the contractor and decided on how you want your patio to look, the contractor will schedule the work for the right conditions. Some exterior resurfacing products need to be used within a certain temperature range and during dry weather.

When the contractor is ready to work, they start by prepping the old concrete, which could take some time. The concrete has to be cleaned, and pressure washing is usually a good idea to get rid of stains and deep dirt. Also, if there are any areas of the patio that need to be repaired, such as small surface cracks, these need to be repaired before a coating is applied.

Once the old concrete is ready, the resurfacing product can be applied. This might be done with a trowel in the case of new concrete, and it may be done with a squeegee in the case of a coating.