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An Overview Of Asphalt Paving Repair

Asphalt is a black or brown tar-like substance composed of hydrocarbons, often produced from refining petroleum. Its standard function is making roads, pavements, and driveways. If you want your driveway to serve you for a long time and improve your property's value, you must perform regular asphalt paving repair. This routine will help you identify any damage on your driveway early and fix it.

Categories of asphalt paving damage

Several types of damage may occur on your asphalt paving due to different factors, such as weather and foot traffic. Here's an outline of some of them and how to handle them.


These bowl-shaped cavities on your asphalt paving occur when asphalt chips away. Potholes are an inconvenience and are well known for damaging vehicles. They are primarily a result of other minor asphalt damages that are often ignored, and other times they occur on their own at weak spots. A patch is often the standard way of repairing a pothole. 


They occur when a substance under the asphalt surface causes the soil to expand, and the impact from the movement results in openings in the ground. Water settles on these spaces and freezes, causing the asphalt to crack and displace. Growing tree roots are some of the causes of upheavals. To fix it, you must dig up the damaged area and replace it with a full patch. 


Depressions are areas on the driveway whose surface is somewhat lower than the surrounding areas. They often occur where the driveway compaction is not appropriately done. Sometimes a patch is enough to fix the depression. In instances where the cause was the subgrade, contractors will dig up the whole area and rebuild it.


These are the slow disintegration of the driveway's surface. Its cause is often the incorrect mixing of the asphalt concrete causing the smaller pieces to break away. Raveling is potentially fatal as it may fill with water, driving a vehicle to hydroplane. The standard solution is the use of a seal, but if the damage is intense, you'll need to replace the whole affected area. 

Advantages of having a professional repair your driveway

You'll receive a lasting solution. Repair experts are seasoned and can quickly analyze the type and intensity of the damage and recommend solutions. They'll also consider other factors causing the damage, such as the weather and the quality of the materials used to make the asphalt paving, helping you spend less time and money on the repair project. A competent contractor will use appropriate materials effectively and complete the project in time due to their vast knowledge and experience in the subject and access to machinery and labour. 

Final words

Appropriate maintenance enhances your asphalt paving durability. When your asphalt is damaged, contact a professional. The expert will not only fix the problem but also advise you on the best caring practices for your asphalt and prevent it from damage.

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