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Concrete Wire Sawing — Tips To Remember For Projects

If you work with concrete a lot, you may eventually have structures that need to be cut. If they're complex or have a weird shape, it's best to use a concrete wire saw because of its versatility. Just make sure you use said tool in the following ways.

Inspect Wire Portion Prior to Sawing 

Before you use a wire saw to cut through concrete materials, it's a good idea to inspect the wire portion. It will feature diamonds that are durable, but you still need to make sure this part is in optimal condition before you begin.

You can physically examine it for a period of time around your work site, making a note of its condition. If you don't find any structural problems or damage, you can begin cutting through concrete and know you will get precision results the entire time.

Go With a High-Speed Model

There are a lot of important aspects of a wire saw for concrete cutting, but one of the most important is the speed at which it cuts. Ideally, you want to go with a high-speed model in particular because it will help you get the best concrete cutting results possible.

The fast speeds let you cut through a wide variety of concrete materials, giving you plenty of versatility out of this cutting instrument. Fortunately, assessing the speed of these wire saws is easy. You just need to see how they're powered and potentially test wire saws in person if you have the ability to do so. 

Plan Out Your Cuts Strategically

Even though concrete wire saws are amazing instruments for cutting, you'll still need to carefully plan out your cuts before you begin to work with concrete. You need to know exactly where to cut for instance.

One of the best things you can do from a planning standpoint is actually mark off areas of concrete that you need to cut with a wire saw. Then you can be more precise and ensure the right areas of concrete are treated, leaving behind the right properties that help you move forward successfully with a project.

If you have concrete structures and you need to alter them via cutting, it's a good idea to use wire sawing methods because of how powerful and refined they are. As long as you use a wire saw in a refined manner, you'll get great cutting results each time.