Staining Your Concrete Patio

Adding stain to a concrete patio floor can give your backyard area a face lift while protecting the surface. It is not that difficult to do the job yourself with some basic tools and a little time. Here are some instructions you can use to help guide you through the process of staining your patio. Clean The Area Before you start adding any color, you will want the entire area free of any dirt or grime. [Read More]

How To Repair Cracks In Your Concrete Driveway

Has your concrete driveway begun to develop cracks as a result of heavy traffic or extreme weather conditions? If so, you should know that you can often repair these cracks yourself without the need to hire a professional contractor. In order to accomplish this task, simply follow the step by step instructions below. What You Will Need Pressure Washer Concrete Resurfacing Mix Bucket Plain Water Mixing Paddle and 1/2 Inch Drill Rubber Squeegee with Extended Handle Step #1: Prepare The Concrete For Repair [Read More]